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Bible Prophecy

Bible Prophecy is a Scam. Not only have prior prophecies failed, Christians can offer no explanation. "The Virgin Mary" cult was soundly debunked along with the fallacious parthenogenesis lie that offends billions of people today, decades ago. Yet, even patiently explaining how the answer is in the same bible misused by duped early Christians, only skeptics seem able to handle the hard work of thinking.

Cygnus' Study in "Debunking The Bible" concludes with what is considered common knowledge amongst those who have read arguments for both possibilities of a prophesied virgin birth [truth or trash].

We see above that there are numerous problems with this being a prophecy of Jesus. The first and foremost is the translation problem. We see that Isaiah was familiar with the term BETHULAH and used it when he wanted to convey a woman's virginity. That he did not employ it at 7:14 seems to indicate that this is not what he meant for this prophecy. In addition to this is the problem that the prophecy was framed in such a way that for it to be true, it would need to occur in the time of King Ahaz. Lastly, we see that the child is indeed born during Ahaz's time as chapter 8 shows us.

Far from being a prophecy of a virgin birth, we find a regular pregnancy some 700 years prior to the birth of Jesus.

Prophecy busted.

We're told God demands "unconditional surrender" and is obsessed with "nakedness" in the USA. This most religious of developed nations, with many holding to medieval superstition and belief in demonstrably false religio-superstition, has even earned extra points for "refusing to repent".

Bible Prophiteers simply engage in postdiction - finding something that can be squeezed to conform. Nostradamus was all the rage before our Creationist profiteers saw the potential. Typical examples include as "honey" is sticky to touch, this meant oil. As "darkness" was mentioned and oil is black, this means oil is important. The "battle" must be in the middle east. Hence, with troops there we must of course be about to witness the end of the world. Israelites was predicted to "return" [they invaded] to the "homeland" before the "End Time". Global Warming is the necessary preparation for a "scorched earth", refugee crises are "scattering of the people", equal rights are the doing of "the unrepentant", etc, etc - in fact Pin the Tail on the Passage is all the rage.

Sadly, not only do they fail to provide a shred of evidence, they fail to explain why any other phenomena might not be viable. This is in line with the general literal interpretation we see in trendy Christian Magicians. Exegesis is the re-interpretation of text. Hermeneutics is the active physical meddling with reality to give the impression prophecy - as per any text - is correct.

The concern is of course the promotion of climate change - "bring it on man, global warming is holy" - may not be entirely helpful to future generations of Earth. In fact "The New Apocalypse" cares little for the planet, human beings, present day suffering or social decay of any sort. The worse it is, the better chance JC is packing his bags for the Second Coming.

Encouragement of war and geographical migration, falsely linking current events to archaic text are daily events. One boasts that George W. Bush has said WW3 is due in 2008, thus so is the "Rapture". Another claims Bush said the "last years" begin in 2008; thus it's 2015 for the Rapture. "End time radio" in the USA specialises in linking daily news events to the horror outlined in the book of revelations - "Amen, brother" is the standard utterance to dead civilians, dead soldiers, economic downturn, struggles over oil and so on. The belief is being pushed that events in the Middle East herald the realisation of events written so obscurely, even proponents can't agree on the best lie. War is good - that's for sure. Jesus loves us so much, he'll kill most of humankind in a blaze of "glorious and holy fury that will shake the Cosmos".

What is truly bizarre are the dual claims of JC judging "the repentant" as worthy yet this "essence of redemptive soul", as it were, may be learned from a quick DVD tutorial. Why go to Confession when the Digital Deity [and your credit card] is at hand? So, if this JC guy is so dumb rote learning by video is enough to enter "Gods Dwelling", who'd want to go play in the clouds with him? Plenty of gullible, bored and very annoying people with far too loud a voice it seems.

Sam Harris put it well once; "But you ask me what the scariest things are in Christianity: this infatuation with biblical prophecy and this notion that Jesus is going to come back as an avenging savior to kill all the bad people". -- Sam Harris, Beliefnet inverview

One typical site contains the following:

As we begin to see the effects of climate change, we also see man's inability to deal with the idea that he is not really in control. Many people will point to human activity, warmer oceans, solar flares, and all kinds of probable causes for the events we are witnessing. Volcanic activity is on the rise. Increased earthquake activity has already been recorded, and predicted for these, the last days.

"And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken."
Luke 21: 25-26

Sensible Christians debunk the silliness of the entire affair and others have patiently explained the flaws to simpletons. One poor chap who we hear from this episode believes he will find Prophetic Oil - in already drilled fields - and sink a well so large it will drain Saudi Arabia. Not only does this fly in the face of geological evidence and mining principles his only reason is because of what he thinks he can see in the bible.

Oh! And it's actually all on his DVD - that he mentioned contained all the real data and full truth, whilst he was announcing he didn't want to profit from the interview.

It is simply the cowards way out. Not only do trendy god botherers have a real life Harry Potter book to justify bigotry, abuse, suffering, war and financial greed - it contains a get out free caveat. No need to conserve energy, think green or care for our environment. That's pure blasphemy. In fact, it is the problems we see today that prove we must repent - not apply ourselves to the evidence at hand.

Why? Well, we must "prove" the bible is literally true. Science must be discredited, religion must be reintroduced and men must have superstitious control over as many people and as much money as faith in magic allows. In fact, it seems to be an out of control extension of Evangelical Creationism with all the pizazz of oxymoronic "Creation Science".

Faith indeed is a cognitive detriment when it comes to novel thinking. What we must guard against is hermeneutic interpretation: invading Iraq so "the final battle" may begin. Exogesic interpretation might have you smiling happily at starving Aussie families and suiciding farmers, but at least you get to die and plunge to heaven-less oblivion, void of afterlife as a final [albeit very quick] payback.

Killing innocents, invading nations and ruining economies to then say "there, told ya so", is going too far.

This episode Firesnake has some out-takes from what is run of the mill rubbish pushed out by these groups. We look at the absurd claims, the easy exposure of fraud and the potential causes and outcomes.

All articles are here.
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